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Infinity 2022

Time Management System

Infinity 2022 is a comprehensive Time & Attendance software primarily for recording and monitoring employee attendance and absences.  Built in additional modules also cater for Personnel & HR Management, Access Control, Fire Alarm Monitoring, Job Costing and Cost Centre Analysis.

With the optional ESS Go app and optional Payroll export, Infinity 2022 truly is a solution for small, medium and large businesses alike.

Infinity 2022


Infinity can help your business consolodate employee information into a single software solution, removing the need for many paper records and drastically reducing time spent on admin tasks. The built-in GDPR module can keep your business compliant, whilst allowing you to remain in control of the data you require.

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Infinity Express

Small Business
Essential software features and compatibility with Basic terminals

3 Users
Up to 75 Employees
Up to 25 Schedules
30 Days Free Support
Infinity Standard

Medium Business
Standard features and compatibility with both Basic and/or Premium terminals

5 Users
Up to 150 Employees
Up to 100 Schedules
Access Control*
30 Days Free Support

additional hardware required *

Infinity Premium

Large Business
All software features and compatibility with Premium terminals

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Employees
Unlimited Schedules
Access Control *
Cost Centres
30 Days Free Support

additional hardware required *

NEW IN 2022

Up to 40x Faster

Code optimisation makes Infinity 2022 up to 40 times faster than previous versions, freeing up valuable time throughout the day.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Infinity 2022 supports TLS 1.1 & 1.2 to bring it fully in line with NCSC security recommendations to protect personal data.

Network Encryption

Data is now encrypted prior to transmission across the network, further enhancing the security of information should it be intercepted during communication.

Core Features…

More than just basic

Regardless of the size of your business, we believe you should get the best from your time and attendance package.  The most fundamental Infinity software features are available across all packages, with others scaled according to size requirements.  This means that while you may opt for an Express system, you can rest assured that the important stuff it is not restricted to the Premium level.


At the heart of every system lies the people.  The Personnel & HR module allows you to hold up to date records for your employees in a single location.  Besides the basics such as first and last name; start dates, contact details, next of kin information and birthdays are a small selection of what you can record, and you can keep as much or as little as you need.


Monitoring for lateness, unauthorised absence or overtime can be crucial for your business and for the employee too.  Simple schedules to complex rotations or flexitime can be configured within Infinity to handle almost anything.  Managers can amend bookings, override totals and approve overtime safe in the knowledge the originals remain untouched for reference or retrieval, with an audit trail of any adjustments.

Absence Management

Knowing why your employees aren’t there is as important as knowing when they are.  Infinity allows for complete absence management, from paid holidays, bank holidays and sickness, to business leave, parental leave or bereavement.  If you can think of a thousand reasons why someone won’t be there, Infinity can handle it.  It also tracks their entitlements too.


Even without the GDPR module, Infinity allows you complete control over what data is stored and who can see it.  However, when configured, the GDPR script can bring matters proactively to your attention based on your policy.  For example, prompting to remove biometric data or future booked absences after a person leaves, or to remove their entire record after x number of years.

To-do List

The front page of Infinity is the information centre, bringing all the important events to you.  From missed bookings, unauthorised absences and overtime authorisation to upcoming birthdays, duplicated payroll numbers and more.  The information is brought to users to allow them to actively manage anomalies and information without the need to look for it.

Automatic Data Collection

Infinity comes with behind-the-scenes services which run all of the time.  This means that data is collected and processed from the terminals and stored within the database in a matter of seconds, giving you up to date information when it’s needed.

Roll Call Reports

At the most basic level, a system should be able to tell you who is currently on site.  Infinity allows you to run a roll call report at the click of a button so you can see who is currently clocked in, and if applicable, which terminal they last used.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

If you have a fire alarm at your premises, Infinity can be connected to it via the optional Fire Alarm Monitor panel which will actively monitor your alarms.  If the fire alarm is activated, Infinity will automatically print out the Roll Call to one or more network printers, and even email individuals responsible for taking the roll call.

…time for the Sequel

Actually, we mean SQL

Infinity utilises Microsoft® SQL Server databases to hold your data.  Each installation comes with SQL Server Express, or if preferred and available, you can use an instance of your own full version of SQL Server.  As this database management system is developed by Microsoft®, you can be certain that your data is secured at the utmost level, and as an ongoing product will be supported for years to come.

Take a look at the premier indoor and outdoor terminals designed to integrate seamlessly with Infinity and your workplace.


Take a look at the premier indoor and outdoor terminals designed to integrate seamlessly with Infinity and your workplace.
Explore our range of solutions, including thermal imaging for temperature detection - painstakingly selected to cater for any budget.


Explore our range of solutions, including thermal imaging for temperature detection – painstakingly selected to cater for any budget.

(Product Code: SUPXS2 and SUPXS2FP)

X-Station Sense-ation

Suprema’s X-Station 2 is an ideal biometric and/or RFID proximity solution for indoor areas.  The large bright display is clear, easy to read, and being PoE compatible it can be especially simple to install.

(Product Code: SUPFSF2 and SUPFSF2FP)

It’s face…time

Using fusion matching visual and infrared face recognition, the FaceStation F2 is incredibly accurate. Also boasting IP65 rated housing, it is protected against dust and moisture making it an ideal contactless solution for almost any area.  Fingerprint and RFID options allow for backup enrollment should it be required.

(Product Code: SUPN2)

Fingers and thumbs…

…and cards.  The N2 fingerprint and RFID terminal uses Suprema’s latest technology to provide world-class security and performance.  Rated as IP67, this rugged device provides ample protection against moisture, dust or liquid ingress.  This makes the N2 an ideal choice for installations which may be exposed to the elements, or are in wash down areas.

(Product Code: SUPW2)

One tough nut…

Designed for outdoor access control, the Suprema W2 is not only IP67 rated against water and dust ingress, but is also classified as IK09 impact resistant making it ideal for high risk or tougher environments. Fingerprint and RFID as standard incorporates Suprema’s class-leading security and performance.

(Product Code: SUPXP2)

…or a wave of a card

For those solutions where biometrics are not required, the XPass 2 mullion style RFID reader is the obvious choice. With a hardy IK08 impact rating and IP67 ingress rating, this device is suitable for installation in multiple environments.

(Product Code: SUPP2)

Access at a touch…

The Suprema P2 fingerprint and RFID device is intended for internal access control. It’s mullion style housing offers a sleek, unobtrusive design featuring the top class security expected from a Suprema biometric device.


Behind the mask…

Featuring facial, including masked, and proximity card verification, the Speedface is an ideal contactless solution for a careful workplace.  The TI version features a thermal imaging camera for fast temperature measurement and replaces prox with palm verification for even more peace of mind.

(Product Code: 101TC)

To rule them all…

Multifaceted and multifunctional, the 101TC combines facial recognition, fingerprint identification, RFID reader and PIN number entry into a single unit.  It can also be configured for bells or set up as an access control device.

(Product Code: iClockS560)

Bobby got it right…

Sometimes basic is all you need, and the iClockS560 ticks just enough boxes.  This RFID device is contactless, quick and 100% accurate.  It even boasts PoE for compatible networks to simplify installation even further.

(Product Code: S922)

Get carried away…

Designed for offsite attendance management, the S922 has a SIM card slot for connection over a mobile data network.  Housed in a protective rubber case with a carry handle, this fingerprint and RFID device can handle most things it’s dropped onto.